August 27, 2018

Kombi Life is a YouTube channel where its users have a passion for traveling.


And this video involves a journey that many people wouldn’t even think of doing.


The man and his crew planned on doing a road trip, going from Southern Argentina, all the way to the United States.


(Kombi Life / Screenshot)

We see many legs of the trip. At one point, they passed through parts of the Amazon Rainforest, going into places where there weren’t even official roads.


But of course, they had to go north somehow.


(Kombi Life / Screenshot)

During a stop in Columbia, the team taught over 200 children how to slack line as well. It seems that he was trying to spread his positivity, no matter where he went.


(Kombi Life / Screenshot)

And as one would expect, the car had constant problems throughout the trip, causing multiple stoppages. At one point, it got to the point where the man had to teach himself how to fix a broken engine while in Panama.


Eventually, his work paid off, and he kept going.


Until, there were more engine problems.


(Kombi Life / Screenshot)

But he kept pushing on into Central America, where he did activities such as lava surfing.


And yes, that is a thing.


(Kombi Life / Screenshot)

All of these things are only a fraction of what the man actually when through on his long trip, leading up to the destination which appeared to be San Diego, California.


Watch to see him complete his journey.


Credit: Kombi Life