December 5, 2018

A small, helpless dog was found in a distressing situation outside of a welcome center just off the Interstate 85 highway in Hartwell, Georgia, on Tuesday.

An unidentified person heard her crying inside a trash bin, of all places, according to the Hart County Animal Rescue center’s blog page. She was “freezing, wet, hungry and scared.” By all appearances, her previous owner had dumped her there. The poor pooch was named Caroline.

Courtesy of Hart County Animal Rescue

The Georgia rescue center brought Caroline to the Lavonia Animal Hospital to get her the “medical attention and love she deserves.” And now, she is back at the rescue center being cared for while they set about finding someone to adopt her.

“Her vet check was great,” said HCAR staffer Robin Gable. “She is a healthy, happy, sweet girl, about 6 pounds and around a year old.”

After photos were taken of the tiny, brown pup, as well as the trash bin where she was dumped, they were posted online along with a caption telling her sad story.

“Y’all get ready to make this post go viral,” they wrote. “We need your help in finding any information about this dog.”

Courtesy of Hart County Animal Rescue

So far, they have not identified the person who dumped her. The good news is, though, that their post was shared well over 5,000 times, to date, and they have received hundreds of adoption requests—to the point where they had to cut off further applications.

They were quick to point out, however, that they have many more dogs in desperate need of a home, and they hope anyone who is interested will visit their website to adopt them.

Courtesy of Hart County Animal Rescue

“We have so many dogs in need of homes that are just as in need as Caroline,” said HCAR. “We have small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, old dogs and young dogs. We have LOTS of dogs that need someone like you.”

If nothing else, at least this deplorable act made more people aware of these needy dogs so desperate for a loving family to take them in. Hopefully, a few more will find a forever home soon enough.