December 7, 2018

How on earth did this mare find herself up to her nostrils in a mud pit? There are many possibilities, but the problem was to help her get back on her feet, and on solid ground.

The Ireland-based Limerick Animal Welfare (LAW) group was notified of the mare’s plight in a pasture in Rhebogue, near Limerick, by LAW volunteer Anna Gallagher. They knew immediately they would need more help than was available, so they appealed on Facebook for urgent help. Word spread, and the community responded, arriving post-haste at the mud pit complete with ropes, pulleys, and straps.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to spook a horse, and having all these strangers would do it any other time, but somehow the mare knew they were there to help and stopped struggling.

Whether she was resigned to her fate no one knows, but soon ropes and straps were fastened around her, and the pulling began—slowly she was freed enough to get back on her hooves.

Teamwork paid off in the end.

A vet was on hand to check the horse over and administer antibiotics to keep any infection at bay.

After the rescue, Gallagher took to LAW Facebook to write: “She is a well-cared for horse… Unfortunately, on the land there is this pond and … accidents happen…

“The owner has now taken the mare home to continue to care for her as she was suffering from shock…

“Well done to all those urban horse owners and a huge thank you for coming out to assist in this mare’s rescue.”