December 1, 2018

Doesn’t this chocolate-colored dog and baby goat, together, make the cutest pair of four-legged animals that you ever saw? This adorable clip will bring a smile to your face, or perhaps even make you laugh out loud with delight.

When Mae the dog met this baby goat named Woody, her motherly instincts kicked in and she decided to help feed him. After Mae grabbed a feeding bottle with her mouth, Woody licked the bottle of milk with his tongue.

Mae is the best babysitter, and she knows it! She certainly seems to enjoy it, too.

©YouTube Screenshot | Jukinmedia

It’s quite uncanny how different domesticated animal species can get along so well.

Both dogs and goats have a long history of living with humans that goes back thousands of years. While domesticated goats have become an important part of human agriculture, man’s best friend has been with us for as long as we can remember—to protect our homes and chase off pests.

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Perhaps it is the ability of both species to live in harmony with humans that makes it only natural for them to get along with each other in some manner.

What makes this clip so lovely, though, is the bond (of love) that it shows, which needs no extra thoughts or words to join into.

It seems so wholesome, so pure and good, and it tells us that life is not so complicated! What more do we need but love?

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