December 2, 2018

With none of her children living close by, a nonagenarian widow had been finding life pretty lonely. But fortunately, that has all changed, thanks to the instincts of one very lovable but huge puppy.

Sally Rewehooeern lost her husband in 1990, and she has lived on her own ever since in Mount Vernon, Washington, while her family is scattered all across the United States.

When her next-door neighbor, Dave Mazarella, lost his old dog named Blizzard early in 2017, the family adopted a young puppy named Brody—and the adorable Saint Bernard soon found his way into Sally’s yard, seeking her out.

It seemed as if he knew there were some big shoes to fill.

“Blizzard would come to visit her [Sally] several times a day, when he was missing I always knew where to go,” said David, reported Express. “When he passed she was very sad. Then when I told her that I bought another puppy from Tula, Russia and she was so happy.”

Brody seems to have a special bond with his elderly neighbor, and he is certainly keeping her spirits up.

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Watching the news with Sally.

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“He just wanders round into my house on his own whenever he fancies it which takes me back to my days growing up on farms surrounded by dogs in Holland,” Sally said.

“It’s lovely for me to have Brody come and join me whenever I’m gardening, walking to church and he even tries to get in the car with me.”

Sally, a Dutch immigrant, developed a soft corner and love for animals during her childhood spent on her family’s farm.

She and Brody absolutely light up each other’s days … or should we say lives!

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Brody loves to go for walks, get tummy rubs, and just hang around with Sally.

“I’ve never seen such a big puppy, soon he’s not even going to fit through my living room door,” Sally said.

“I’m proud of myself for still being so active and I’m thankful for everyday, not least when I get a not so little visitor.”

It is often the small things in life that can make all the difference, and visits from the neighbor’s dog are just the medicine the doctor ordered!